17 December 2010


The Dreamboat vs Inkygoodness show is currently running at the Start Space in Bristol, featuring a whole host of very talented people including Dave Bain, Carlos Garde-Martin, Jason Devine, Iain Sellar, Middleboop, Steve Rack and Toy Factory. This is my "little" contribution to proceedings!

15 December 2010

Live scribbling at Mr Wolfs

Thursday 9th December saw the latest installment of the Dirty Old Town night's at Mr Wolf's, Bristol. Myself and Mr Lee "What" Summers took to the boards armed only with our trusty posca pens. As well as visual treats, the night also hosted some top acts including A State of Mind (support band to Wax Tailor), as well as local Dj's Mr Soulsbury, Skint and Rackabeat and Bar-Low. Was real happy with how it all went and think myself and Mr Summers will be scribbling together again real soon!

13 December 2010

Inkygoodness' Dreamboat show

Friday night saw the launch of the latest installment of Inkygoodness at the Start Gallery, Bristol. Showcasing work from over 25 illustrators from around the country including Carlos Garde-Martin, Colourbox, Dave Bain, Jason Devine, Lisa Hassell, Middleboop, Stephen Chan and a whole host of others.

The show runs from now until the 30th December, be sure not to miss it as it is a real visual treat. Below is my piece created for the show. On sale now as a limited run of 10 at a custom size of 1120x420, framed and signed. If you are interested in a purchase please let me know.

3 December 2010

Digital Artist issue 14 Q&A

Little Q&A I did for this months Digital Artist magazine on how to create a Heath Robinson style device. The issue also features work from talents such as Simon Wild (cover design), JamFactory aka Gavin Strange, Victo Ngai and Sticky Pop. A great issue this month, so be sure to check i out. 

Computer Arts Projects

I was recently commissioned by Alan Wardle at Computer Arts Projects to complete an editorial illustration for an article they were running in their APP issue. The brief was simple: a hoard of different characters marching upon an unsuspecting app store attendant. Nice!
I set to work and spent two days creating the scene and characters. I was really chuffed with how it came out and it looks great in print. The issue is out now and contains some great work from the likes of Steven Bonner, CreativeWax and Alexis West. 

19 November 2010

Digital Arts December: Tutorial

A little 8 step tutorial that I completed for Digital Arts magazine is in this months (December 2010) edition of the magazine. The issue also includes work from illustrator talents such as Steven Bonner, Ollie Munden and Fabio Sasso. The issue also featured a section on the All I want for Christmas cards project. Top!

18 November 2010

New free wallpaper

Please feel free to download one of the following 3 sizes for your desktop. Will be uploaded to the site soon but this will have to do for now. Enjoy.

Sizes from top to bottom:


15 November 2010

Spot of painting...

Just a few shots from the painting I did for Start the Bus last month. Myself, Dave Bain, Lisa Hassell and Camille Dorbrin were asked to come down and jazz up the exterior walls with a spot of painting. Done over a period of 3 weekends (slow drying paint and bad weather) this is the final result. Enjoy :)

12 November 2010

Versus card designs unveiled

Last night saw the launch of the Versus card project which included the likes of Iain Sellar, Tom Lane, Aaron Miller and Camille Dorbrin. 13 illustrators were each assigned a number or other (Jack, Queen, King) to design and I was given the Aces. Lucky ol me! Since the launch has come and gone I can finally reveal my 4 designs. Simple in content but hopefully effective. The Versus show runs at the Start Space in Bristol until 19th November. If you are in the area, be sure to check it out. Enjoy.

Movember T-Shirt is number 1!

My design for the Movember t-shirt competition run by the guys at Spunky Clothing is the highest selling design and has temporarily sold out. Hurrah! More will be in stock soon which is great news as £5 from every t-shirt sold goes directly to the prostate cancer charity they are supporting.

8 November 2010

Digital Artist Magazine

This months Digital Artist magazine features a 6-page interview with myself as well as work and tutorials from Stickpop, Lesley Barnes, Matt Saunders and Mr Bingo. Be sure to check out next months issue for a little tutorial from myself. 

Versus card project

Here is a first cheeky glimpse of what the Versus card packs which launch this Thursday at the Start Space, Bristol will look like. The project includes 13 artists including myself, Aaron Miller, Iain Sellar, Edna, Supefex and a whole host of others. If your in town on Thursday then do pop along as it promises to be quite the show.


29 October 2010

Digital Arts creative showcase

The November Issue of Digital Arts featured a showcase on myself and my work. Great to get a bit of exposure through such an established magazine and big thanks to Neil Bennett at Digital Arts who sorted this out. I also have a tutorial step-by-step guide in the next issue so please keep your eyes peeled for that.

Free Download

Here is a little free wallpaper for all you lovely folks to download and add as your desktops wallpaper. Dimensions are 1440x900. More are available if you need them. Thank you to all my Twitter followers, this one's for you :) 

21 October 2010

Digital Arts

Little feature of some of my work in this month's Digital Arts Magazine. Will be getting some better photos but here's a little look-see for now. Enjoi.

1 October 2010

Boneshaker print

Little idea for some 2 colour limited edition Boneshaker Magazine "Crossed Cranks" screen print. What do you all think? Comments on a postcard please...

Studio shots

Few new shots of the studio we moved into earlier this month. Going to do a serious shoot when we can get hold of the lights etc but here's a little insight into where I spend most of my time doing very little!

29 September 2010

How stupid do I look?

I wouldn't normally post stuff like this but this really made me chuckle. I mean honestly, how stupid do I look?:

Dear Beloved,

May the peace of the Lord always be with you .
My name is Rev Sis Joyce Emanuela. I am 79 years old now and I have been
bedridden for the past 5years. Now I believe that my time has come to join
my ancestors in heaven.

I got your email address from the Internet as the spirit of Almighty God
directed me to contact you for this charitable work.
I have $8,000,000.00 deposited in a safe location which I want you to have
on my behalf for an important charitable project. I choose to hand over
this money to you for this charitable work which I know you have desired
for people in need. I hope you will honestly do this for me, if yes please
forward to me your particulars and your contact information like private
phone and fax numbers so that I will send it to the Finance firm
immediately for claims.

Finally, I will like you to inform me what you do for a living so that I
can be able to know if your work is going to allow you to handle this
project that I am committing into your hands to the glory of God. Get back
to me as soon as possible.

Thanking you and remain blessed in the Lord.

Rev. Sis Joyce Emanuela

28 September 2010

Boneshaker "Crossed Cranks" T-Shirts

The newest range of Boneshaker's "Crossed Cranks" T-Shirts (created by myself and the guys at Boneshaker) are now on sale through the Boneshaker website for just £15. Get em whilst they're hot as they're flying off the shelves fast. More to come very soon...

14 September 2010

Postcard giveaway

I created a some postcards to give away at the Inkygoodness show and decided to use my image from the A Beautiful Machine show I took part in last year. Really happy with how these have come out and managed to shift all those that I took dow to the show.

Postcard packs

I put together some postcard packs for the Inkygoodness show. Each pack contains 3 postcards of images from the show, digitally printed and wrapped in a cellophane bag. I'v still got some spare so if you'd like a pack then please get in touch.

AMMO Magazine

Got my copy of AMMO through in the post over the weekend and it looks tip-top. I am proud to be involved with such a great little publication and a big thanks to the creative director Dave for having me involved. Hopefully we can work together again sometime soon. 

Inkygoodness show

The opening night of the Inkygoodness show at the East Gallery in London came and went with a bang. After opening the doors at 6pm the show saw 1000+ people pass through the doors before it eventually closed at 11pm. The whole evening was a massive success with a great time had by all those involved and some truly great artists exhibiting. Here are a few pictures from my set up at the show, just for your little peepers. Enjoi!

29 August 2010

Inkygoodness 4 show work...

Here is the first image in a series of three that I have designed, prepared and framed for the Inkygoodness 4 show coming up next week. This was an adaption of a piece created for Ammo Magazine (see previous post), trying out some new techniques with gradient meshes and opacity gradients. This one, as well as two others will be on show at the East Gallery from the 2nd September and available to buy online from my shop. All limited edition and all quality prints on German Etching paper.

Movember T-Shirt design

Movember a charity aimed at raising money by asking people to grow a moustache in the month of November have asked a few illustrators to come up with T-Shirt designs based on the moustache. This one was a quick turn-around and so was kept rather simple. It's a big moustache made up of lots of little moustaches! Just in case you couldn't tell! 
We find out in a few weeks whether the design goes to print so will keep you up-to-date.

Ammo Magazine

Here is a sneaky preview of my recent submission to AMMO Magazines upcoming fourth publication entitled PLAY. The launch will coincide with the Inkygoodness 4 exhibition launch of the same name. Really looking forward to seeing this one in print. 

Mash-Up Club night flyer

New flyer design for The Bunker's weekly Mash-Up night. The client wanted a Japanese styling for this one with characters and bright colours. When thinking of a Japanese style mash-up I instantly thought of a giant DJing octopus spewing guts!