10 February 2011

Computer Arts Issue 185 tutorial

This month's issue of Computer Arts apart from featuring work from the stupidly talented Stuart Kolakovic, Janine Rewell, Jules Julien and Lucy Arid also hosts a 12-step tutorial by myself on how to create a character with a retro feel. Another top class issue by the people at Future Publishing. Go out and grab a copy, you won't be disappointed.

Just in time for Valentines day

Struggling to find that ideal card for a loved one or partner? Trying to do things on the cheap? Well lucky for you I'v whipped up a special Valentines card available for you to download just in time for V-Day. Saves a trip down the shops and a couple of quid! Just remember, its the thought that counts.

The A5 card comes with a V-Day message on the front, blank middle section for you to scrawl your messages of undying love in and a /1 on the back so you can mark it and tell your loved one that it's a one of a kind, just like him/her. Just print, fold on the dotted line and your sorted.

8 February 2011

How cool is this?

Now if the London Underground looked like this I would have no qualms about taking a ride into central. Amazing photos from a Swedish subway station. View more here.

Could Spring me here?

I took a stroll at lunchtime to enjoy the warmth of the midday sun, something I haven't been able to experience for god know's how long. I'm not going to lie, it felt pretty damn good. Strolling round the docks of Bristol I felt compelled to take a few snaps using the Hipstamatic app for the iPhone. Great effects that add an almost daydream like effect to an altogether beautiful day. Few more days like this wouldn't go a miss.