6 July 2010

Thinking Caps

Recently been asked by Jen Harrison of the Thinking Caps project to take part in their forthcoming event. Thinking Caps is an exhibition which will showcase 100 cycling cap designs by 100 different artists/illustrators as part of the Bristol Bike Festival in September. I'm really quite excited about this one as its going to be a real hoot designing for a cycling cap which in turn will be hand sewn and sold at auction for charity. Sweet!

NHS Illustration

The guys at Scriberia got in touch at the end of last week and asked if I would be interested in submitting an image for a pitch they were doing for work with the NHS. Obviously I accepted and knocked up this image over the weekend. The brief was to create an illustration about an old man with dimentia looking rather worried in a doctors surgery. A difficult topic to cover but I was happy with the end result which will hopefully lead onto more work further down the line.

Doodling for Spunky at Glastonbury 2010

The kind folks at Spunky Clothing asked if I would like to come along and do some painting for their Spunky tent at Glastonbury. An offer to good to refuse. Blazing sun, drinks and an awesome backdrop made for a rather enjoyable few hours of painting. Further pictures and a real-time video to follow.