26 May 2011

Crack Magazine Sneak Peak

Here's a little sneak peak at what I've been doing for Crack Magazine over the last couple of days.
The full illustration will feature as the monthly magazines centre fold poster. The issue is due out next week so will post some photos when I have them. In the meantime, why not visit the Crack website? You love it.

19 May 2011

Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry Bristol screening

Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry is a feature length documentary exploring the roots of American tattooing through the life of its most iconoclastic figure, Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins.

The project is touring and similar events have taken place in Australia, South Africa, America and Europe.

There will be a special private showing of the documentary film at the Cube cinema, Bristol on Wednesday 1st June. There will also be a whole load of free Sailor Jerry rum to help set the tone.

The screening is invite only so you need to get in touch with Sarah on feeney@sailorjerry.com and include ref. Ben

Don't delay as it promises to be quite an event.

For more info click here

11 May 2011

Commemorative Coca Cola boxset

To mark the 125th anniversary of Coca Cola, Coke have decided to launch a commemorative box set to mark the iconic brand's birthday. Coke have reproduced 4 of their original glass bottles and the set comes in a branded wooden box. The box set is only available through Selfridges and would make a lovely collectors piece.

10 May 2011

Fresh stuff from Blu in Poland

Blu's been at it again. On a recent trip to Poland the street artist Blu, renowned for his large-scale murals and paintings across Europe, completed this monster piece with a clear and direct message about the fundamental principals of religion. A powerful statement in an area of the world that has built its foundations on Catholicism. You can see more of Blu's work here.

6 May 2011

Fresh stuff from Todd McLellan

Disassembly by Todd McLellan is an intricate set of images taken of old items disassembled.
The Canadian photographer disassmbles old items such as cameras, lawnmowers and clocks and neatly displays them for shooting. The result is a nostalgic series of images from times past. You can see more of Todd's work here.