24 August 2011

Nightmare High sneak peak

Flesh eating teachers, brain scanning machines, evil sky rockets and the most mighty packed lunchbox in the history of the universe all feature in Nightmare High, a new game from Channel Four which Somethin' Else and our brilliant collaborators at Player Three and Coney been lovingly crafting throughout 2011.

The game is designed to help 10-13 year olds as they move up to big school, and with life transitions in general. Unfortunately for the players the game starts seconds before reality explodes and they end up in the worst type of big school imaginable. Their mission is to fix reality by playing through fourteen episodes of brilliant chaos, with the help of some fanciful friends and terrifying teachers (thanks to @neillieb and @neilrichards, the script and story-writers).

The character design and illustration style was conceived by myself at Fiasco Design, and further developed by Player Three. The game launches in September 2011, just in time for the new school year.

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  1. Looking good bro. I like the zombie silhouettes at the bottom :)