6 April 2011

Berlin and Pictoplasma: Day 2

Following a rather busy first day, the second of our trip to Berlin for the Pictoplasma Animation Festival and Inkygoodness Totem exhibition proved to be just as busy. With only one day to the launch of the Character Walk, which see's 25 galleries and pop up spaces open their doors to character designers from around the world, there was still a lot to be done in order to get the space up to scratch. Totems needed to be positioned, walls needed to be painted, pictures framed and further Berliner's drunk. I had the task of creating a black and white tree for the frames to hang on, one which I may have gone a little ambitious on. Meanwhile Burt Van Vijk still had his totem to finish and the wonderful Felt Mistress arrived to hang her custom built felt totem.

Another long day that didn't see us finish until gone 8 o'clock and with still a few things to tidy uo and finish off, it's the final morning of preparation before we open the doors to the public at noon today.

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